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5 months and still no P45

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justmuddlingalong Thu 06-Mar-14 22:40:27

I left my job in October. I had only been there about 6 months, but due to my boss's erratic and unreasonable behaviour I packed it in. She owns the business and so there was no-one higher up to ask for help or support. Wage slips were few and far between, so I am missing most of them from the time I was there. I am also still waiting for my P45 and last pay slip. She is very unapproachable and vicious so I don't want to approach her to chase them up. I am also worried that she didn't pay all of my Tax and NI (re the lack of wage slips) and that I could be liable to pay them again. I would be grateful for any advice. TIA.

Picturesinthefirelight Thu 06-Mar-14 22:44:28

Don't worry you won't be liable she will

Your best bet would be to contact HMRC. Since last April employers have to report tax & NI every time someone is payed via online software & there are penalties for not doing so.

My parents company were recently contacted by HMRC as an employee had contacted them about his tax code & they told him he wasn't on the system. It turned out to be a simple spelling error (company name spelt wrong) but it shows they are on the ball.

justmuddlingalong Thu 06-Mar-14 22:53:39

Thanks for the quick reply Pictures. That's a relief to hear. Her whole attitude was a bit dodgy,so I don't want to lose out financially. D'you think I should text her first, even though she still scares me, or just go straight to HMRC and let them sort out my P4?

justmuddlingalong Thu 06-Mar-14 22:54:27

* P45 even!

Picturesinthefirelight Thu 06-Mar-14 23:16:21

I wouldn't text. I'd put a formal request in writing.

justmuddlingalong Thu 06-Mar-14 23:21:03

Thanks again.

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