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Silence about returning to work

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notthegruffalo Thu 06-Mar-14 19:31:14

I have posted here before about my situation - i am on maternity leave from a p/t role, due to return in May. I have emailed my boss since my leave began but he hasn't replied. In the past 9 months all of my colleagues have left and their roles have changed or not been filled. 6 wks ago the chair of the board asked me for a meeting, at which he told me they wanted to change my role to one that I would no longer be qualified for.

I asked to think about it and spoke to acas. I then emailed to suggest a settlement agreement - I would waive my right to return if they gave me 3 months salary.

That was a month ago. I got an acknowledgement of my email, but since then - nothing.

What should I do? I want to leave. On as favourable terms as is possible.

flowery Fri 07-Mar-14 09:01:44

Based on your earlier thread, you were asked how you would feel about returning to a changed role, with no moves being made to force you to do so. By responding asking them for a settlement rather than trying to enforce your right to return to your original or a suitable alternative role, you have clearly indicated that you have no intention of returning. Therefore there is very little incentive for them to offer you a settlement.

As I said on your earlier thread:

"One option would be to write to the chair, saying that as you have heard nothing further you will be returning as planned on x date to your original role. Say you understand you are entitled to your original role, or, if that's not reasonably practicable, a suitable alternative on no less favourable terms and conditions."

That might prompt them into offering a settlement or possibly redundancy. But if you are not willing to do that, you may need to resign.

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