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end of my tether! legal advice please

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kazza446 Thu 06-Mar-14 14:19:32

Help! I'm at the end of my tether!! Basically I went off work with stress in Nov when I was 32 weeks pregnant. Since then, (I previously worked autonomously) I have been allocateda supervisor. In this time she has accused me of having high level of sickness. Prior to pregnancy I was never off work. Had 3 separate episodes of sickness since becoming preg, 1 when coming off anti d's, 1 for maternity illness, (don't want to say in case it becomes obvious it is me) and finally for work related stress relating to a serious incident at work which was too stressful for me to manage) she has now more or less accused me of being a liar. On 3 separate occasions previous, when I was on mat leave I was paid enhanced mat pay. This was discuss with preg1, agreed and paid automatically on each other preg. She is now saying I have been dishonest, telling payroll to pay it without seeking approval. I have never been instructed that its a discretionary payment and that I was to ask permission. It was also paid to other office staff, again with no need to ask permission for it. As I did wages and kept hold of my own timesheets (again was never asked to submit them to anyone) I had quickly jotted down for myself which weeks I was taking as mat leave, al etc etc. She asked for these whilst I was off on sick and willingly obliged, sending them over. When on mat leave we do not expect people to complete timesheets but I'd done it just for my notes. As such I had only put smp and week no in brackets. She is now accusing me of falsifying records as I had not put enhanced Mat pay on them.

To cut a long story short, they cocked up my wages at end of December and still haven't remedied it and are still insistent that my contract does not include enhanced mat pay. I've sent a letter before action letter and they still haven't resolved any of the matters.

I really don't know where to go from here.. I have put in a grievance with a view if its not resolved I will go to employment tribunal. I don't know however if I'm fit enough to go to tribunal as I have anxiety disorder, coming from stress at work. My experience has been that once you get to grievance levels, relationships have become so strained that you cannot really go back to working for that employer. I say that as an employer not employee. I've never been in any trouble at work before!! The thought of an employment tribunal fills me with dread.

Does anyone know, if I resign will they still have to pay mymaternity allowance. I can't see any way out of it. I just feel battered and beaten.

kazza446 Thu 06-Mar-14 20:10:22

Sorry should read mat pay in last paragraph, not maternity allowance? If they do continue to pay maternity pay, what happens if I find another job?

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