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How to deal with bad manager. Any advice?

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namechangeagaininnit Wed 05-Mar-14 15:17:28

My boss is useless. She's been here for nearly two years but things haven't changed. She is just generally incompetent, no leadership, poor management, won't make decisions, lies about things, hates talking to people, is passive aggressive, barely says hello to people, just generally in over her head. People knew right at the beginning and apparently it was flagged up with her but nothing has changed. In an effort to look like she's contributing she waits until projects are nearly completed then sticks her nose in and nitpicks or delays things to have input (it's a pattern).

It's wearing me down and everyone else in the team. She doesn't talk to anyone except to tell them off, takes no interest in people generally. Team morale is very low and everyone is fed up. She's apparently been 'reviewing' the team for the last two years but won't say anything about that or whether she is going to make people who are temping in the team permanent which is leaving the team unsettled.

I've flagged my concerns with her boss and another senior manager. They agree with me largely but haven't done much.

My annual review is coming up and I'm anxious. I'm not performing terribly well, I think because this is wearing me down. Although I never have 121s, no concerns have ever been raised with me but I never get positive feedback either.

Any genius ideas please on how to make things better? My solution so far has been to leave but sadly i'm struggling to get another job!

namechangeagaininnit Wed 05-Mar-14 15:17:53

Gosh sorry that was long. Am just so sad

strawberryblondebint Wed 05-Mar-14 16:38:29

Marking my place. It sounds like my team leader. Although I had my review after 12 months and no feedback and my development needs are none apparently which is bollocks. There is loads of stuff I would love to do but she won't facilitate

Geoff0409 Wed 05-Mar-14 18:57:53

You are not alone namechange, my own manager is not good at all. Awful for just playing along and trying to be nice to everyone else apart from me (we are a 2 person department so he only has me to manage). Constantly undermines everything I do, never has an original idea and my yearly review is also due - a couple of years ago I had no time off sick for the whole year in question, and yet I got an attendance ranking of "satisfactory", which in our scoring is 4 out of 6. I was absolutely furious and told him so. Last year we had a customer who ordered a tailor-made item especially to their specifications, and when they got it they didn't like it! Now according to all the t's and c's they couldn't return it as it was a special item. I stuck to my guns and argued with the customer and said no we couldn't take it back. They got their own manager to call me and I again stuck to my guns. I came in the next day and they had called again and my manager capitulated and let them send the item back and gave them a full refund! I couldn't believe it. Completely undermined me and all the company's own policies and nobody did anything because he's worked there a long time. Company ended up selling said item for 25% of it's value, so lost over £1250 on it. I absolutely hate working there now and am tirelessly looking and applying for other jobs.

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