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Do I have to go to training day?

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baby2love Wed 05-Mar-14 10:33:55

So, my baby is 6weeks old and work have asked me to go in for a training day, a full day, no pay. Basically do I have to go? Can they do anything if I don't go? Some might say I would benifit of the training in the long run but I am not intending on going back to work (I obviously haven't told my employer yet) this would also mean my partner or mother having to take a day unpaid as its late notice and I am not willing to take her with me as I work with chemicals.
Any help would be great

flowery Wed 05-Mar-14 10:43:22

Why would they not pay you? That's very stingy and unusual.

You can do keeping in touch days during your maternity leave, but these are by mutual agreement, so you can say no, and regardless of how beneficial the training is, you wouldn't catch me dragging myself into work 6 weeks postnatal for no pay...!

baby2love Wed 05-Mar-14 14:24:23

I know, also i had a c section when I had my baby so it really would be one of my first trips out lol.I work for a small company and we are all quite friendly, so it makes me feel a bit awkward if I have to say anything or complain about anything. God knows how I will tell them I don’t want to come back!

rallytog1 Wed 05-Mar-14 21:39:49

You should be paid for doing any keeping in touch days. But you have no obligation to agree to doing them.

The point of maternity leave is that you have a legal right not to go into work. Any contact you do have with your work should be by mutual consent.

So, you don't have to do the training day and they can't make you.

apermanentheadache Wed 05-Mar-14 21:45:32

What?!?!? NO, absolutely don't go. They are being totally unreasonable if they are implying you should go. Plus, my guess is if you go to this more requests for 'just an hour', ' just this one day' etc will be forthcoming.....

Littlefish Wed 05-Mar-14 21:48:54

Just say no.

Your baby is still tiny. You are still recovering from major surgery. You have no childcare.

Just say no.

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