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Work/Life balance

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financialwizard Tue 04-Mar-14 07:16:24

I have none!

I am working 55 hour weeks on average and am slowly becoming more and more tired. I have to continue working but in my line of work there is no way I can reduce my hours, so it is change job or nothing.

Husband might be made redundant this year so the option of quitting and then finding work is non existant. Also getting out the office for interviews is extremely difficult too.

Will someone hold my hand in trying to find another job please. Husband is very supportive but away with work with zero communications due to his job.

OnePlanOnHouzz Tue 04-Mar-14 17:23:47

Hi - one hand extended, for the use of !!! :-)

financialwizard Tue 04-Mar-14 18:45:41

Thank you.

I am so tired at the moment I can barely function!

Starting to look properly this weekend after I have sat down and re done my CV.

idinnehaveaclue Tue 04-Mar-14 19:30:16

You need to get out of there.

Keep positive and start looking/applying. It's amazing what pops up.

What line of work are you in?

tribpot Tue 04-Mar-14 19:33:49

'Might' be made redundant is a lot to hang your hat on. What if you got out quickly? You should have your feet under the table elsewhere before the axe falls on him, if it's going to.

Can you at least take a week off to recharge the batteries? It sounds awful.

OnePlanOnHouzz Wed 05-Mar-14 08:07:39

is there any thing you'd really like to do - instead of your current job - eg currently an airline pilot - would love to be a gardener ?! or current GP would love to be an interior designer ?
or a modified and scaled back version of what you do now ?!

Softcookie Wed 05-Mar-14 20:03:02

Im holding your hand! And then finding out how its done. Working minimum 55 hours weeks too and exhausted. Find i have no time for anything other than work and my marriage and family is suffering.

So keep me posted ;)

WorrySighWorrySigh Wed 05-Mar-14 22:00:42

I will hold your hand but also offer you a warning. I was working those sorts of hours until a couple of weeks ago. What with year end, month end, annual plan I was hardly moving from my desk.

Then a couple of weeks ago I got a weirdly aching knee. Turns out it was DVT. I am now injecting anticoagulants and will be on warfarin for six months.

I have had to cut my hours.

OnePlanOnHouzz Fri 07-Mar-14 08:09:05

yay ! it's Friday ! that's deffo a 'slow down to ease yourself into weekend mode' day !! best you take it easy today !!!!!!

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