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Redundancy or will one dismissed??

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carrielou2007 Sun 02-Mar-14 11:35:50

Returned from mat leave doing 2 weeks CPD in diff location (200 m away!) first day back in 'my' clinic told don't need 2 so close mine will close. Receptionists both made redundant, not one word from anyone to me or replies to emails and messages asking how I'm affected until letter fromHR i will work in other clinic no change to terms and conditions - phew.

Then fri (on day other clinic closed) Suprise call from big boss refusing my flexible working request (asked term time only not surprised to get a no). Said I was disappointed as thought being part time and working with another part timer it would suit. She said yes but you won't networking there, I want a full timer.

Here's the trouble - next nearest clinic. 25 miles away and I am partially sighted and can't drive far/in poor light. Doesn't affect me to drive my usual 3 miles to town or gets taxi in winter months I can't do this or get there for 9am somewhere else. Pretty much told this is 'my problem'

Surely tgen they should've made me redundant? If I have to hand my notice in why should I! Would never apply for job I couldn't get Tobit being forced out?

Clueless what to do make appt with job centre?? So angry and upset. Worked constantly for last 20 years TUPE to this company 10 years ago was full time before dc. Sight loss recent (18 months) so still trying to accept what happened never thought would push me out of a Jon shock any help greatly appreciated. Sorry for any typo's canny see too wellsmile

carrielou2007 Sun 02-Mar-14 11:37:35

Heavens sooo many typos evenin title shock

carrielou2007 Sun 02-Mar-14 11:37:48

Even in grr

honestpointofview Sun 02-Mar-14 15:44:48

Hi Carrie

Sorry so is there a job at your current clinic but it is just full time? What hours were you working before you went on ML?

carrielou2007 Sun 02-Mar-14 15:55:07

Hi, clinic been asked to work there on same days/hours as before ML along with a colleague 4 days between us. My colleague works full time but in other clinics. My boss said she wants (will have already someone in mind) a full time person.

EBearhug Sun 02-Mar-14 16:11:58

Are they aware of the extent of the sight problems?

carrielou2007 Sun 02-Mar-14 16:32:03

Yes they are, have been nothing but helpful and supportive up to now! My boss allowed me an hour unpaid for tge first few weeks so I could drive home before it got dark though I assured him I would get a taxi so it would not affect my diary times. I had two more eye ops whilst still on mat leave abd my boss even sent me emails saying hope it goes well etc which I was pleased to receive. The phone call fri was from 'big' boss but she is up to date with it too. Kept refereeing to my childcare 'issues' which I kept correcting her as nothing to do with that (or not wanting to be so far away, commuted for many years pre dc).

I just feel shell shocked I suppose, save a few quid not give me redundancy by letting me work in new clinic for a week or toe before instigating further change that I won't be able to do hmm

honestpointofview Sun 02-Mar-14 16:46:54

Hi Carrier

From "clinic been asked to work there on same days/hours" I am not sure if you mean the clinic has asked you to work the same hours as before or if you have. Either way given your eyesight problems they will have to consider if they are reasonable adjustments as it sounds like you may be covered by the Equality Act.

carrielou2007 Sun 02-Mar-14 17:02:07

Hi, sorry not making myself very clear at all. I was working two long days in clinic 'a' before mat leave. Discussions with my boss before my return dud he wZnt me to change hours/days etc due to any change I business needs, told no, return same hours/days etc.

He asked me to work in clinic 'b' which is about 200m further along tgd same road to make sure I was up to date with any changes/new products etc rather than find this out with a patient sat in front of me.

I then started back in clinic 'a' as before mat leave, that closed on fri and I have a letter stating clinic 'b ' will be my new base and I will be working same hours/terms and conditions.

Big boss would prefer one person to work there 5 days per week rather than 2 of us 4 and a bit days a week. Fair enough but I can't work where they want me to go now hmm

honestpointofview Sun 02-Mar-14 17:35:44

Probably me Carrie, sorry, perfect explanation I am with you now. Right couple of issues.

1. There has been a debate in law but current thinking is that replacing part-time for full time does not amount to a redundancy (for techy reasons that I will not bother you with).

2. As I said before they have to at least consider if there are reasonable adjustments they could make such as not requiring the full time post.

3. Worse case scenario you could argue it is sex discrimination and also argue that they only have made the decesion because you have been on maternity leave.

Practically I would try raising the issue of your eyesight first informally. If they still stick to you problem then I think you might want to raise a grievance.

Also if you are in a union ask for advice. Also check household insurance. It often covers employment advice.

carrielou2007 Sun 02-Mar-14 17:54:55

Thank you for your replies smile

The part I don my understand with regard to redundancy is that clinic 'a' is now closed, both receptionists have been made redundant as they are needed in clinic 'b' who do a slightly diff role. So I've not been made redundant as been redeployed to clinic 'b '.

However before I've even started there big boss tells me I will be working elsewhere in a few weeks. I feel that I will not be able to work where they want me to go and so why should i be dismissed.why pitme in clinic 'b' if they don my want me there they want someone else? Why not make me redundant to begin with??

honestpointofview Sun 02-Mar-14 17:59:43

So now they say they are moving you to clinic 'c'. Well as you role is not redundant at clinic 'b' they are going to struggle. Do you have a clause in your contract of employment that allows them to relocate you?

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