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worried sick.

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kazza446 Sun 02-Mar-14 11:19:42

Im currently on maternity leave and I'm worried sick. I've posted separately on here regarding this. Basically I'm in dispute with my organisation about monies owed and whether or not I should be receiving extra maternity pay on top of smp. I took advice from acas and have written a pre-action letter giving them 5 days to sort. Before my mat leave commenced I wad really poorly with anxieties, which when I had counselling it was evident it was all work related. Since having my baby my anxieties have decreased but have started to reappear this week since conflict started with work. Basically if they do not pay me the monies due we can't afford to live. I've a great mum and dad and they have offered to lend us some money. I'm just worried about connotations of the conflict. I hate it!! I also feel that the way I've been treated is making it impossible for me to return to work. I have had small worries about my impending return but have been able to manage them. I'm not sure that once I've initiated the grievance, if not paid, that relationships will have broken down to extent I can't return?
Does anyone have any experience of going through a grievance at work (in small Company) then returning to work. I'm also fretting that it may turn into an employment tribunal matter and don't know if I can cope mentally with this.
So so stressed at moment. I'm supposed to be enjoying time with my babba

LIZS Sun 02-Mar-14 12:15:17

What made you think you'd get more than SMP?

kazza446 Sun 02-Mar-14 12:38:17

This is my 4th child with same employer, on same contract and I received it with every other child. It was agreed as part of my contract, although not written in it.It was referred to through other conditions. I only found out, this week by email on day my wages went in.9 weeks into my maternity leave starting. They also underpaid me in Dec and despite countless emails they have ignored paying this too.

WipsGlitter Sun 02-Mar-14 12:45:08

What does it say in your contract?

LIZS Sun 02-Mar-14 12:47:36

is it definitely deliberate and not an oversight ?

kazza446 Sun 02-Mar-14 13:56:48

Lizs, its deliberate, they emailed me to say they've reviewed it and aren't paying it as they are wanting to treat all staff equal. However they aren't treating all staff equal, as up to this point all managers received higher pension contributions and different sick pay entitlements.

Wipsglitter, it isn't mentioned in my contract. My contract states it is in line with njc conditions, which are used by local authority. When I first went on mat leave I asked them to clarify my entitlement to mat pay and highlighted that njc conditions pay enhanced mat pay. It was accepted and agreed to pay them levels.

kazza446 Sun 02-Mar-14 14:02:30

I went off sick before my mat leave with work related stress on the advice of my gp and my midwife. When I was on sick I received an email, saying as I was off sick they were now reviewing my maternity leave. Never in a month of Sunday's did I think this would mean what they were paying me. 3 months later they decide to tell me they are not paying enhanced pay. It just makes my anxiety unbearable. I am so annoyed that I am letting them get to me but o can't help worrying. I know financially we will be ok, we have good family support. It's just the conflict I am having to experience. I more or less feel as if I can't return. There has been a barrage of incidents leading up to this which I can't go into as I may be identified and outed.

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