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Band 6 sister/charge nurse health advisor interview

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ENJOY3MUM Thu 27-Feb-14 00:10:59

I have been shortlisted for band 6 charge nurse health adviser (GU medicine) interview in two weeks time.I have experience in renal medicine and surgery and general medicine.Currently i am working in day surgery..My brain has gone blank.Please help,any idea of what sort of questions,i should expect to be asked during the interview?All advice is welcome

nevergoogle Thu 27-Feb-14 00:17:44

I'm not a nurse, but here would be where I would start.

What experience you have and what you bring to the role
Clinical supervision
Leading/motivating teams
Clinical governance
Clinical questions.
How you would handle a complaint or violence/aggression
Infection control
How you maintain your CPD, professional standards.

TiredNursey Thu 27-Feb-14 14:23:56

I've looked up an old job advert for HA in a GU setting:

The Health Advisors belong to a small, friendly team and work closely with other disciplines : Teamwork; Demonstrate how well you do this already.

Health Advisors provide support, information, risk reduction and health promotion to a wide range of individuals seeking sexual health services : What do you know about Health Promotion? What do you know about the Sexual Health Services of your potential employer?

They are strongly encouraged to become involved with service development, clinical audit and undertake projects as necessary : What is your experience of audit? Service development? (Band 6 role so more expected)

Applicants should be non-judgemental , (Very important) enthusiastic and motivated individuals; they should have excellent communication skills : How well can you sell yourself on communication? Can you demonstrate good communication skills?

Enjoy working independently as well as part of a multi-disciplinary team : Teamwork again, and be able to demonstrate use of initiative.

Band 6 stuff : You should be aware of risk management procedures and policies. You should also be familiar with legislation on discrimination./Health and safety legislation.
You may have to manage band 5, as band 6 job descriptions often have some management stuff in.

Health Advisor role involves a huge amount of psychological support and education.

Do you know anything about using behaviour change models (such as motivational interviewing) with patients to
reduce the risk of them acquiring sexually transmitted infections and engaging in risk taking behaviours.

Do you know much about sexually transmitted diseases? HIV?
How do you feel about having to provide support for associated concerns, for example, sexual assault, termination of
pregnancy, sexual relationships and psychosexual issues?

Bear in mind, that a new band 6 is unlikely to be thrown in at the deep end, and should have some sort of development pathway. But you should be aware of the things you are likely to be involved with and be prepared to do training to help you with this.

Most of the interview will be judging and assessing you on how well you will fit in their team. Make sure you do a visit beforehand if possible.

The GU team at my Trust are brilliant (and win awards for many projects so be prepared to be innovative), but I would never apply to work with them because I would find that sort of role too emotionally draining.
So be prepared to be challenged on how you deal with stress and emotionally draining situations. As a nurse you will more thatn likely have examples of this somewhere along the way.

Have a good look at the job description and person spec again.

And what nevergoogle said.

Good Luck. smile

LatteLady Thu 27-Feb-14 18:52:12

Remember to bring in the six Cs, really important currently. Next think about the safeguarding aspect of your role, often you will be the first person that a young person may disclose to.

ENJOY3MUM Sat 01-Mar-14 08:15:05

Thank you very much to all of you.Very useful information .

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