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What is "reasonable" notice for change in hours?

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ProfessionalKiller Tue 25-Feb-14 11:23:56

I'm not even sure if this is really an issue yet, will find out tomorrow.

I returned to work on Sat following maternity leave. I am employed on a 25 hour per week 3 month contract which has been renewed every 3 months since Dec 2012. Up until I took maternity leave in July I worked Wed-Sat 6.25hours per day.

On my return I checked the duty roster for this week and saw I had been allocated work Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri & Sat. Mentioned to a line manager that there had been a mistake as I don't work Mon & Tue. He said everyone had been moved to rolling 5 days (with a changing day off each week). I just stated that I wouldn't be able to do this and had not been informed of any changes.

From this short exchange (we agreeed to discuss it tomorrow) it is unclear if this means an increase in hours or thr same number of hours spread through the week, but obviously with 2 children (2 and 6 months) I would need to rethink childcare.

Apparently the person that normally allocates duties is on holiday so I am hoping this is an error. And I am aware I can put in a right to request for my original working pattern to be honoured. But my contract just states that working hours can be changed with reasonable notice. So what is classed as reasonable? And where do I stand if I simply cannot organise childcare?

Thanks if you've bothered to read all of that!

flowery Tue 25-Feb-14 12:56:05

It depends really, but it sounds like it might well be an error.

When does your current 3 month contract end? Because of course the next one could be different hours.

ProfessionalKiller Tue 25-Feb-14 17:03:53

Yes, that had crossed my mind. Current contract runs to mid March. Although the contract only specifies number of hours worked, not shift times.

I'll see what happens tomorrow I guess!

ProfessionalKiller Wed 26-Feb-14 17:25:45


Ok, all staff empolyed at the time I started have apparently been moved from 0745-1400 Wed-Thu and 0645-1300 Sat to 5 hour shifts Mon-Sat with a day off that rolls (Week 1 Monday off, Week 2 Tuesday off etc).

I guess they are trying to get as many staff as possible on the same shift pattern before we have a major rejig of structures/patterns of work. I do understand this. But basically I will need to pay for at least 1 more day of childcare for two children without any increase of wages.

I'm going to have to put in a flexible working request aren't I?

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