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Told one more mistake and you won't have a job - yet no written warning

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moomoo1967 Mon 24-Feb-14 10:05:32

Since Dec12 I have been diagnosed with depression and was prescribed ADs.
From around Jan13 til about Apr13 I made some very stupid mistakes, I checked the side effects on my ADs and saw that lack of concentration was one of them. I saw my GP and asked to swap my medication which she did. My manager knows everything that has been happening and originally was very supportive.
I was given a notice of improvement back in Apr13 which expired in Oct13, at the review meeting my boss said that he was very pleased with my improvement and that I wasn't making any mistakes that the rest of the team weren't.
It is the team leader who does the appraisals and not the manager and this happened Jan14 to cover the year of 2013. My team leader does not know the ins an outs of my situation but my manager said that he would have a word with him and explain the bare minimum. However, once in my appraisal the team leader called me an absolute disgrace which reduced me to tears. And nothing constructive at all was said, yet 10 out of 16 commendations out of a team of 9 were mine from clients.
I mentioned to the manager that I was unhappy with how my appraisal was conducted, he said that the team leader had already mentioned to him that he felt he had been out of order. My manager suggested 3 options a) that I forget about it all b) that I ask to speak to the team leader and c) that myself, the team leader and the manager get together BUT the meetings must be off the record. I said that I didn't want to have a meeting as I felt that it should all be on the record as my mistakes are on the record. I would have been happy to have received an apology from the team leader but this has been unforthcoming.
Unfortunately, I made a mistake last week, the manager me into an informal chat and said "this is it now, one more mistake and you are out, I can do nothing more to help you" I have asked in the past for someone to check my bookings but the manager has said no, yet mistakes were also made last week by other team members, including the manager which were of a worse nature than mine, cost more money and manpower to sort.
All I have received is a notice of improvement which expired last Oct, I have received no official written warning, no final written warning.
I am now of course even more stressed especially as my daughter has been fainting and I am waiting for blood tests and an ECG to be done, plus a family member has to go for tests soon. This has made my work situation unbearable and I don't know which way to turn, any advice anyone on where I stand ??

SantasLittleMonkeyButler Mon 24-Feb-14 10:09:44

Do you have a union? If not, I would be tempted to seek legal advice so that you know where you stand.

Although, someone with legal knowledge will probably be along to advise on here sooner or later.

moomoo1967 Mon 24-Feb-14 10:11:58

No there is no union, I have spoken to our HR department briefly and they suggested I speak to the manager. Part of the problem is that we are a very small office of 9 people and I am concerned that if I try to go through offical channels that it cause an awkward atmosphere in work. There are so few jobs in my area at present, expertise wise and geographically

Middleagedmotheroftwo Mon 24-Feb-14 10:12:56

I would also get advice - sooner rather than later. Forewarned is forearmed and all that.

Sorry, but I have to ask - are you sure that the mistakes you're making are due to your medication, and not that the job is not suitable to your skillset?

Middleagedmotheroftwo Mon 24-Feb-14 10:13:20

Try the CAB.

moomoo1967 Mon 24-Feb-14 10:16:35

I have been with the same employers for nearly 10 years and have never had a problem before and the mistakes started happening about a month after I was prescribed the ADs

moomoo1967 Mon 24-Feb-14 10:23:37

And when I asked my boss what happens now after he had told me that the mistake would cost the company �51.60 he said he didn't know as he has never had to deal with anything like this before.

MrJollyLivesNextDoor Mon 24-Feb-14 10:31:13

I would speak to ACAS 08457 474747

They sound very unprofessional, and are handling this badly IMO

Have you a copy of the company's disciplinary procedure?

SantasLittleMonkeyButler Mon 24-Feb-14 10:31:44

Then, really do seek proper advice. Either from the CAB or a Solicitor. I don't think they can dismiss you without following a set disciplinary procedure - which should include written warnings BUT I am by no means an expert. If they consider the errors to be "gross misconduct" I imagine they could dismiss if they wanted to.

TBH, if the worst mistakes were made a year ago & you are still with the company it does sound like they are trying to be fair to you. But then again, I can see why a small company/office would have problems with a member of staff making lots of mistakes & costing them money.

It is really important you know where you stand legally speaking. Are you still happy in the job, or are the mistakes getting you down? If the situation is making your depression worse maybe you should be looking for something less stressful/pressured?

moomoo1967 Mon 24-Feb-14 10:41:24

Thanks for all your answers, I am unsure what to think at present. Out of a team of 9, 10 out of 16 commendations were mine last year so I feel I can't be doing that badly. I love the job itself, it is just the way the manager is treating me at present, I had to rectify a couple of his mistakes the other day and a couple of the team leaders, which would have cost the company more money had I not noticed them

SantasLittleMonkeyButler Mon 24-Feb-14 10:47:35

OK, so it does sound like they are treating you unfairly. Could you go back to HR & insist on a meeting with them (not your manager), where you can discuss everything - including the mistakes by the Manager & Team Leader which YOU rectified and the fact that your clients are obviously very happy with you.

MrJollyLivesNextDoor Mon 24-Feb-14 11:28:14

I agree with Santa, go back to HR.

Get everything written down and take it to the meeting - dates, names, any witnesses, what was said by who etc

Specifically ask about the company's disciplinary procedure, ask where you stand in relation to the previous notice of improvement, ask them why you are being treated like this.

I am astonished by the outrageous comments made to you at your appraisal (sounds like your team leader and manager could both do with some training tbh) - this definitely needs to be addressed IMO. You had a review meeting after Oct 2013 with your manager where you were told you had made the required improvements. Sounds like the team leader has been uninformed but that does not excuse his conduct in the meeting.

With regard to the comment made by your manager ''this is it now, one more mistake and you are out, I can do nothing more to help you" HR need to be made aware of this and I would be specifically asking them what this means if I were you.

Good luck and I hope you take this to HR. Your manager and TL sound like complete arses.

moomoo1967 Mon 24-Feb-14 13:44:03

thank you I guess I will call HR and have a chat with them. You are all saying what others in RL have said.

Supermum222 Sat 01-Mar-14 21:03:04

Did you call HR? Your manager and TL are way out of order.

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