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What qualities would a team leader require?

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CosyNook Thu 20-Feb-14 07:01:24

I work in (NHS) admin/reception and current TL is retiring soon. I'm sure they will appoint from within so what qualities would they look for? Current TL has been here since records began so I don't think she would get the job in todays market. My colleagues and I have similar experience and qualifications, but work in slightly different areas so we wouldn't necessarily know each others jobs inside out. I need to stand out, but not sure how.


ToFollowJulie Thu 20-Feb-14 07:15:50

Leading a team requires you to look at your work from a different perspective. Usually, the time frame in which your decisions are effective is longer, so you need good judgement to consider how a decision will play out into the future. Also, you need good people skills, not just in the one-to-one area which is usual for a team member, but now in leading the team and thinking about how your team interacts with others. Good luck with your application!

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