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Ladies, I'm looking for career inspiration!

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foodie92 Sun 16-Feb-14 17:08:20


I'm currently employed as a project manager in a bank. I'm doing some career planning but am really, really, really stuck for inspiration on where it can lead (plenty of my peers are content to stay at the same level). However, I know this isn't what I want to do in the medium-longer term... yet I'm stuck about what this might lead to at higher levels.

So if you're working at a fairly senior level, can you offer some inspiration on what kind of upper management roles would suit someone from a PM background? There are a lot of clear transferable skills, but I almost feel like I don't know enough about my "options" to start planning how/if I could get there.

I like fast paced environments, am exceptionally well organised and driven, love improving things, am fairly introverted naturally but can "perform" if needed, like learning and properly working as a team (not competing for resource).

(Looking at who's above me at my current employer hasn't helped as I don't want to delve even deeper into delivery roles (like Programme Management) - for starters, I'm sick of the politics and competition involved with getting resources to deliver what's been committed to, which would only be worse going up that route. So I'm a bit stuck.)

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