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Has anyone taken legal action against their employer? Advice please.

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Jmt987 Thu 13-Feb-14 22:30:50

I have been informed by an employment solicitor who has been helping me recently that I have grounds for a claim against my employer for sexual discrimination whilst pregnant, unfair treatment for being part-time and breaches in health and safety (failure to carry out any risk assessment since being told im pregnant). I have a paper trail of emails with sufficient proof of raising the issues etc.
I am finishing work fairly early for maternity leave as it's the only way I can be safe and the last few months have been horrendous.
Has anyone taken legal action and seen it through? If not, what were your reasons for not going through with it. If you did how has life been since with colleagues/community etc?
Thank you for reading.

Funnyfoot Thu 13-Feb-14 23:00:47

I did last year. I settled out of court.
However after months of been away from my work place my colleagues either turned against me (due to lies bitching and backstabbing encouraged/started by the managers) and also because I was no longer in the loop.

It upset me a lot to begin with as I see ex work mates in my local area and they blank me. But after a few weeks of feeling low I realised that I was better for being free of such a toxic environment and free from fair weather friends.

I am happy with the action I took and hope it has made my old company think before they treat somebody so appallingly in the future.

I suppose each outcome will be different for the individual.

Hope it all goes well and good luck with your pregnancy

Jmt987 Fri 14-Feb-14 07:48:42

Thank you for your reply. I'm pleased for you that you were successful and happy with your decision to see it through.
I understand every case would be different but how long did yours take once you'd initiated it officially?
The reason I would go ahead is in the hope things would change for others in the future and in the hope he might start to do the right thing as an employer.
Even the solicitor has been shocked by his behaviour.
Thank you.

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