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recent business grad, should i stay in the job i love or look beyond

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recentmaturegrad Thu 13-Feb-14 19:11:23

I recently graduated with a business degree and am in my 40s. However mid way through my degree I got made redundant from a job I quite liked and was doing the degree to work my way up to (iykwim)!

In the meantime I got another job which is pretty low paid but I absolutely love it and really don't want to leave. However we need extra money and I though I am sort of applying for other better paid jobs I am torn between what is important. It's giving me sleepless nights and I really want to stay where I am but the money is so poor.

vaseoftulips Thu 13-Feb-14 19:24:21

What job are you doing? Is there a chance to develop and move up the ladder?

If I actually managed to find a job I loved I would stay put personally but it really depends how much you need the money.

recentmaturegrad Thu 13-Feb-14 19:32:45

i work as a student support person and can move up but would have to do additional training to teach but there is alot of competition to do this and could take a couple of years

vaseoftulips Thu 13-Feb-14 21:55:07

There are so many people who don't like their jobs, I really would have a long hard think about it. If you enjoy what you are doing and are good at it you will be happy which in turn will attract more good things to you. Life is so much easier when you are in that 'flow'.

I think the trouble with chasing money is that it doesn't necessarily make you happier or make your life easier. When I earned more in the past I tended to spend more to compensate for my lack of time, happiness, etc.

Totally understand if you are on the breadline though...

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