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SMP/Self-employed question

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confusedofengland Thu 13-Feb-14 03:34:20

I am pregnant with DC3. I currently work part-time for a firm, and am on their PAYE payroll. I have been employed by them for about a year & receive enough money each month to qualify for SMP.

However, I am also registered self-employed. I have just filled in & sent back an online tax return for 2012-2013. But it was a NIL return & I have not done any work as a self-employed person since working PAYE for the other firm.

Do I qualify for SMP from my employer?

confusedofengland Thu 13-Feb-14 03:43:42

Also posting this in Self-Employed topic

flowery Thu 13-Feb-14 09:37:45

Your self-employed status makes no difference to anything with your employer. All you need to qualify for SMP is the right length of service and the right earnings, there are no exceptions.

confusedofengland Thu 13-Feb-14 10:05:20

Thanks flowery I thought that was the case, but was having a hormonally-charged 4am panic blush. I have run an online calcualtor thingy & it tells me I have been there for long enough (over one calendar year) & earning enough (£500 pcm) so that should be ok, right?

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