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Should I quit my retail job to focus on career

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sunshine247 Sun 09-Feb-14 19:19:54

I am currently working as a part time sales assistant in a supermarket but wish to pursue a career as a nurse.

I have just got a job as a care assistant which I will do on the days I am not working however I am considering leaving my retail job to gain more experience in the care field before hopefully starting a nursing degree in September.

Although, the care job is flexible so will fit better around my children and pay the same as my current retail job it is a zero contract hours position (although a lot of work is available) but I am worried about leaving a permanent position in case I don't get onto the nursing degree.

Any advice on what I should do would be much appreciated.


Funnyfoot Sun 09-Feb-14 21:20:14

I would wait until you have secured the position on your course. You are working in the care sector part time so you will have completed all the required training and you will have the experience of working with people within the care sector. You have gained all the same skills working part time as you would of working full time. Going there full time will not increase your skill or knowledge base so I would stay in your contracted job until you get on the course.

Good luck smile

sunshine247 Tue 11-Feb-14 20:42:06

Thank you so much for your reply I really appreciate it. I think your right I should wait until I get on the course and take things from there.

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