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Selfemployment and deduction to pay.

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deliverydriver Tue 04-Feb-14 23:19:40

Does anyone have any advice wrt this thread I started earlier please ??

I am putting this here for advice, after being advised to by another poster on the other thread.


dietstartsmonday Wed 05-Feb-14 15:42:49

Hi, its a hard one as your are self employed. Do you hold any contract with them?

deliverydriver Wed 05-Feb-14 19:08:44

I have a service agreement, which is referred to as my contract, although I have no idea if they are the same thing in the eyes of the law.

dietstartsmonday Wed 05-Feb-14 22:22:56

ni its nit the same as a cintract but us yoyr agreenent wuth them
is there anythibg about deductions in it?

dietstartsmonday Wed 05-Feb-14 22:23:31

ffs sorry about typing on a shitty lian ohone

flowery Thu 06-Feb-14 09:01:38

I would agree with some of the other posters on your other thread that it's worth considering whether you are genuinely self-employed. Do you set your own hours, use your own equipment, get paid by results rather than by the hour, that type of thing?

Assuming you are genuinely self-employed it will depend on whether there is provision to make deductions of this type in your contract.

If there isn't, then it could be a breach of contract, however also check the termination provision and other clauses as they could terminate, or reduce or withhold work or whatever.

deliverydriver Thu 06-Feb-14 20:42:00

I have not yet received a copy of my service agreement, despite asking for it multiple times.

I do set my own hours, so long as parcels are delivered by a certain time, I can work as and when it suits me. I use my own car, but they provide my gizmo to scan parcel barcodes and to track me.
I am paid by results, so I am paid per successful delivery.

I will check once I get my service agreement, which will hopefully be very soon.

Thanks for all of your answers. They have been very helpful.

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