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NHS Agenda For Change query

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Supermum222 Wed 29-Jan-14 21:59:41


Does anyone, who works in the NHS, know if working unsocial hours should be pro rata based on your contracted hours? This includes Saturday/Sunday working, nightshifts, on call, bank hols.
I am part time and am being made to work a crazy amount of out of hours, same as a full timer (sometimes more). If part of AFC basic pay includes payment for unsocial hours why am I doing the same as a full timer? We are short staffed but I still think it is unfair. It is becoming hard for me to continue as the amount of unsocial hours has increased and I can no longer flexibly swap around dh's shifts ( he works many weekends and we have 2 children, no family help).

twinklytoes Sun 02-Feb-14 22:03:21

I'm not sure there was any specific guidance regards the % of pro-rata unsocial hours.
It might be that you need to apply for flexible working and firm up the unsocial hours you are able to do, you just need to remember to present your application as a good business decision for the workplace in order to get what you need.

ACS1980 Tue 11-Feb-14 21:12:12


There's nothing in AfC that comes to mind re the proportion of unsocial hours for a PT/FT employee. How far in advance is your off duty published, do you self roster or can you make a set number of shift requests for each off duty?

In terms of moving forward have you spoken to your manager re the proportion of unsocial hours you're getting? If you feel you are being unfairly disadvantaged as a PT worker I'd suggest you discuss with your manager in the first instance. If you're in a union then you could also discuss with them

Elletorro Sun 16-Feb-14 10:53:37

If it becomes too hard to continue then they are looking at losing a member of staff when they can't afford to. Plus there's a constructive dismissal angle.

Hopefully you aren't getting discriminated against coz you r part time.

You have some cards to play.

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