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Moving from FT to contract in same organisation - confused

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Lifeshucks Wed 22-Jan-14 20:58:51

I've been working in public sector for the last ten years and moved to a new role for a six month contract.

I haven't enjoyed this role as I think my new manager has been quite a bully so as I approach the end of this contract, I know I don't want to stay, I don't think she'll want me to anyway!

In one of our critical meetings recently, she told me that although my original contract had the wrong contract end date and she'd said at the time it was fine, she was going to contact HR and get it changed.

My letter came through today with the new date (finish 6th Feb) rather than end of the month. I was always aware that it was a fixed temp role as the area is going to make redundancies and restructure - this has been now stated in the new contract letter as a reason for the nature of my post.

It also mentions about my continuos service to date (12 years, got it wrong!) which again wasn't mentioned on the original offer letter.

Before I sign anything, is this normal? Do they think I'm going to ask for redundancy or are they insinuating I will be made redundant and entitled to redundancy. Or is it that they are going to sack/release me? The letter mentions no notice period so technically could I just leave if I get a new role?

Thanks from a stressed, confused mumsnetter sad, I apologise for the confusion, feeling a bit depressed after a picky meeting this morning with her, I felt barked at!

stowsettler Thu 23-Jan-14 12:27:22

Firstly, it's not clear what this letter is about - you say you've been working in the public sector for the last ten years, but your current contract is a fixed term one. Where do they propose you go after your fixed term role ends (which presumably was a secondment?)?

If you are in the firing line for redundancy you should be properly consulted during the process and, based on what you say, this letter doesn't sound like that sort of letter.

Oh and lastly (and this is based on nothing but personal opinion), waiting until the very last month of a fixed-term contract to change your finish date seems unacceptable. Personally I wouldn't sign that letter because of this - unless of course it's clear where you will be working in future, and you would rather go early.

Lifeshucks Thu 23-Jan-14 12:48:18

Thanks for your response, I appreciate that, it was my choice to leave old role and take up this role, I was always aware it was a fixed term. No role elsewhere and I doubt she'll extend my contract.

I'm not going to sign the letter as it does seem odd so will clarify with HR but not going to pursue as I just feel her attitude has put me off.

stowsettler Thu 23-Jan-14 12:55:52

OK - in that case it sounds to me as if you have rescinded your rights to redundancy (if they happen after the end of your contract) by taking the fixed term contract and essentially specifying a leaving date (i.e. the end of the contract). If I were you I'd take legal advice on this.

flowery Thu 23-Jan-14 14:06:35

"rescinded your rights to redundancy"

No no no. Just because there is now an end date doesn't mean there is no redundancy. If the OPs role ends and there is no suitable role available for her, she will be made redundant and entitled to appropriate redundancy pay based on her length of service and terms and conditions.

stowsettler Thu 23-Jan-14 14:33:48

Exactly why I suggested she take legal advice.

flowery Thu 23-Jan-14 14:50:27

Er, ok. Your post came across differently.

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