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How should i deal with sickness question

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NewYearNewLife Tue 21-Jan-14 09:13:51


Hoping someone can give me some HR Advice please.

I had an awful grievance situation last year, discrimination following maternity/pregnancy. I raised a grievance and was going to go to ET. I was off sick for 5 months with stress as i also felt bullied in work due to the grievance. I finally reached a settlement agreement. I have an agreed reference which does not mention sick leave.

I have now landed my dream job, its a lot lower level but i am so happy. I have had a verbal offer, no mention in the interview as to why i had left previous job.

I am waiting for the formal letter to arrive. I belive this employer asks for sickness information in the pack that HR sends out.

How should i handle this? the cause of my stress is well and truly over. I have a letter from Occ Health that clearly stated the cause of my stress was my previous employers inability to rectify the situation. Occ Health asked my previous employer to expediate the grievance process, this was ignored.

All my managers for the past 10 years have approached me to offer references.

Any advice please. I so want to make a good impression, i don't want to appear a potential problem.


flowery Tue 21-Jan-14 11:01:04

Firstly, they can't withdraw the offer because of your sickness record. Sickness information should be about checking you are physically able to do the job, or whether you need any adjustments. If they do ask questions whereby you need to put this information down, I would attach a copy of the letter OH gave you as well, and make clear that you are 100% fine now and looking forward to your new job.

NewYearNewLife Tue 21-Jan-14 11:10:07

Thanks Flowery.

Last year has really rocked my confidence, my DH thinks i am over-thinking the situation which i probably am.

I now feel a bit more relaxed about it.

flowery Tue 21-Jan-14 12:32:38


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