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limbo70 Sun 19-Jan-14 16:28:31

please can anyone advise me.
I've started a thread i think.
On benefits due to disability of car accident. Husband reserve soldier and my carer was told he can work 16hrs a week or earn £100 a week which over the year works out about £92.00 a week.
Had phone call from DWP they want to visit us.
Husband had to send off wages slips from November 2011 to date. He was deferred due to severe PTSD. He has been accepted back into reserve forces doing a training nite 2hrs week.
Im frightened to death about this visit. We haven't done anything wrong that were aware of.
There's alot of jealous people out there.
Wouldn't mind im having to go bankrupt due to inability to pay essential bills and debts. Were not living the high life. I have a mobility car and my husband has an old battered jeep.
I don't get it. Im scared that this will tip hubby over the edge.
Can anybody advise or help me please. X

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