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limbo70 Sun 19-Jan-14 16:18:52

Hi there, I received a phone call last week about a home visit saying they need to check that im on the right benefit.
So we arranged a visit for this coming week.
Now my husband has always as long as I've known him has been a reserve soldier and im on ESA & DISSABILITYbenefots and he gets carers allowance.
We received a letter stating hubby can work either 16hrs a week or earn £100 a week. His training nite is only 2hrs a week but can go away on ops.
The benefits agency wanted all his wage slips from Nov 2011 up to date, this was before xmas.
We received a letter stating that due to a change in income circumstances we were entitled to the same amount of benefits so we thought all this was over. Its been totally stressful even though u know ypuve done nothing wrong authority scares me to death.
Now the rang us to make this appt. A friend told me it would be a compliance officer as i need to produce I.D to show the person visiting.
Im absolutely terrified. My husband suffers severe PTSD and was deffered by MOD for 4 months. Now he's started back just 2hrs a week he's scared to go out the door.
Im afraid of the stress of this matter will tip him over the edge. Can anybody advise please.

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