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Internal move while off sick

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Furfecksake Thu 28-Nov-13 17:52:37

I've posted a couple of times about my issues with a v difficult boss. I've been back working with her for 4 weeks now, she's as difficult as ever she was and I'm being treated for work related stress and anxiety. I've been off work today because I had a panic attack driving to work and am seeing my doctor tomorrow and I fully expect to be signed off sick.

I've been looking for a new job and have an appointment (by phone) on Monday to speak to a department head in another part of the organisation about a job he's advertising that sounds really interesting but I would need to check work location etc before deciding to apply. My question is, if the doctor does sign me off sick, can I still keep that appointment or would it be seen as an indication that I could be at work?

Believe me, I hate the idea of not being at work and being signed off potentially affects another area of my life quite significantly so if I could avoid it I would. I'm also keen to try and stay with the organisation so would want to see whether this job might be an option but I also don't want to fall foul of sickness "rules".

AlyssB Thu 28-Nov-13 19:02:24

Go to the appointment. Sick notes - or fit notes - state if you are fit for work or not. Not fit for interviews!! Plus, you are doing something pro active to get back to work, by trying to find a way to alleviate your work related stress.

I see no problem with this, and if your boss does, your HR dept shouldn't either.

Hope it goes well for you!!

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