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Interviews whilst covering maternity leave

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Squinx74 Wed 27-Nov-13 07:57:42

I am on a 12 month contract with no idea whether there is a job for me at the end although they are dangling the "there might be, but we can't say yet" carrot. The contract ends in March and this is my 2nd maternity contract I've worked (jobs here are scarce) so I'm wondering whether I am entitled to time off to attend interviews.
As soon as I'd started I was encouraged to book up my holiday so I have none of that left to take should I be offered an interview and I'm not the type to call in sick.
Its hard to broach the subject with my employer even though there's no promise of work here. i should say that it would be unlikely for me to accept a permanent job here as I only took it as it was the only position available after the other maternity position ended with a different company.

flowery Wed 27-Nov-13 08:34:40

No you are not entitled to time off for interviews, unless you are under notice of redundancy.

If you've got no holiday left even though you have three months left, your options are either white lies about appointments with the dentist or whatever, or an honest conversation with your manager.

If you have no intention of accepting any permanent job there anyway, and your manager is a reasonable person, I'd suggest being honest and asking for a bit of flexibility on occasion, ie leaving a bit early, getting in a bit late so you can attend an interview, and then either making the time up or taking it unpaid.

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