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Slap head moment!

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Willthisworknow Tue 26-Nov-13 14:36:34

My staff member was due to go from 4 days to 5 days with usual salary increase from 28k to 36k or thereabouts. She is ambitious and works hard but received a letter from HR saying her new salary would be £41k so she thought shed been given a nice pay rise. Sweet! Anyway, she gets on the blower saying she's v upset as her new pay does not reflect her new salary. She took it up with HR and they said they'd made a mistake and her new salary was 36k. Suck in cheeks moment!

So I've taken up with head of dept who said that the payment was wrong and the letter was right. I said I need to be absolutely sure before saying anything to staff member and she said her boss had the figures but that the employee was supposed to get a pay rise along with me and another girl. So I'm thinking great, super.....I get one too! However my salary is the same this month! So head of dept says no, wasn't the salary increase way back so now I question whether she means in the usual April review (where we all got a paltry sum) or did she mean after a recent interim review we had. Then she said April was cost of living and then some folks are due for bonus payment in sept/oct which I haven't seen or line managee. This is pissing me off now because if she is mistaking my pay rise for the usual April pay rise which was paltry after getting my hopes up - and how I was nearly this close to saying to my line managee the payment was wrong - I mean how wrong can someone intelligent get it????

YuleNeverKnow Wed 27-Nov-13 22:21:41

It sounds like a right muddle. Do HR also manage the payroll? Maybe HR and payroll are not using the same information.

I would ask HR and payroll for details of your own salary history, and that of your staff member, if you are allowed.

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