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How can I persuade them?

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Mandy2003 Tue 26-Nov-13 11:09:30

I have been volunteering at an organisation for 3 years and have frequently deputised for the manager in their absence which has been successful.

Six weeks ago a vacancy for a deputy manager arose and I applied and was interviewed for it. The interview went well I think, and at the final question "What qualities can you bring to this job?" I replied "Experience, commitment and location." (I live within walking distance of the HQ). A week after the interview the Head of Department (who had interviewed me) phoned and said due to restructuring the vacancy had been put on hold, would I like my application to carry forward. Yes, definitely, I said.

The vacancy was re-advertised with a closing date last Friday with interviews starting 25/11. On the Wednesday before the closing date I sent a letter in the post to the Head basically stressing my interest and and experience and the fact that I would be keen to help implement any reorganisation. I said that I would be happy to shadow any of the management to show them I was capable of doing an assistant job. I also said that due to my commitment to the organisation it was an important goal of mine to join the staff.

But I have not heard anything back. Do you think there's anything further I can do to show that I'm ideal for this job? There is a HR department that could communicate with the Head of Department.

UnexpectedItemInShaggingArea Tue 26-Nov-13 12:52:23

TBH it sounds like you have been unsuccessful and they have been shabby about telling you.

You need to ring them.

flowery Tue 26-Nov-13 12:56:25

There is nothing further you can do. They already know you well, it's not as if you need to make an impression as someone they know nothing about.

You need to ring and find out.

trishann Thu 28-Nov-13 17:25:01

I would definitely ring HR if you haven't already done so, to find out what is going on. You would be surprised (or maybe not!) about how chaotic recruitment processes can be and it seems here that they are either not quite sure what they want or there is some other glitch in the system. Good luck.

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