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How best to handle this situation?

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Squeakygate Thu 07-Nov-13 21:25:04

Dh applied for a job last week and further to his application received a skills test to complete within a time frame of 5 days.
He spent 5 or 6 hours completing this test and tried to submit this to the potential employer. The PE (potential employer) were meant to be supplying details of how to do this but didn't as they were having issues (we guess IT related but unknown)
Dh has emailed 2 different contacts (1 in IT, 1 in HR) at the PE and has had no response from either person since Tuesday morning and has therefore been unable to submit the test he completed.
The date for submitting the test was Tuesday and he hasnt heard anything.
Can anyone give any advice as to how best to proceed? Dh isn't impressed given that he can't get responses. He can't get hold of a telephone number to get an address to send the work via the post.

Should he just chalk it up to experience? Send them one last email? (If so, saying what?)

I have suggested he sends another email copying both contacts in saying that he hasnt heard anything can he presume that the opportunity no longer exists? Or have they omitted to get the details to him?

He wanted me to ask the collective of mn for your advice. Thanks

TheDoctrineOfWho Thu 07-Nov-13 21:29:07

Does he know the name of the company? Can he get a phone number for them through 118?

Squeakygate Thu 07-Nov-13 21:37:17

It's a large public sector organisation, but he is now looking. He suspects he might get passed from pillar to post as the role isnt customer facing and the switchboard appears to be for clients iykwim.

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