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ADIT exams - anyone done these instead of/as well as CTA?

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woowoo22 Thu 07-Nov-13 18:39:46

Have almost finished ATT and wondering what to get stuck in to next! I work in international tax, but not in practice.

CTA seems so hard, have no background in accounting so found the ATT accounts paper v difficult. ADIT seems v interesting but not sure if my lack of accounting experience will hold me back.

Any advice?

AnyCrunchyCarrotFucker Thu 07-Nov-13 18:52:50

ADIT is same level as CTA. I have CTA, but jot ADIT though I colleagues who are doing/done it.

Not sure lack of accounting experience will hold you back, one colleague who has completed it is ATT and CTA.

But it is tough, and quite a step up from AT&T.

woowoo22 Thu 07-Nov-13 18:59:51

Thanks Crunchy

CTA gives me the fear, it seems so difficult. I only spend about 10% of my time doing UK tax, so ADIT seems more useful. Not sure if is beyond me though! So hard to gauge the level of the exams until you actually start studying for them.

AnyCrunchyCarrotFucker Thu 07-Nov-13 19:09:30

Argh, sorry for typos.

Floppityflop Sat 09-Nov-13 22:08:31

My tip would be to look at past papers and see what is closest to your current work. My experience is that these exams are easier to pass if you are working in the area. But CTA is very wide ranging so I'd be very impressed by ADIT as I think it's quite specialised. It's also easy to get CTA study materials. Good luck!

Auntidote Sun 10-Nov-13 09:46:20

If you're struggling with ATT, I'd get more experience before launching yourself into either CTA or ADIT, to consolidate it all and bring your base level of knowledge up.

I am CTA and yes it is Very Difficult. Not impossible, though. ADIT has developed a lot I think since it first came in but I'm afraid I can't offer useful comment as I don't work in international.

Does your work have a view? (and would they be paying?)

woowoo22 Mon 11-Nov-13 18:37:22

Thank you Floppity and Auntidote. I had a really good look at the pp, ADIT is definitely more useful for my current job. If I ever was to go into practice then CTA would probably be better, but for the foreseeable it seems ADIT is the way to go.

Work would be paying for everything, and they are of the opinion that any study isn't essential in order to progress, but it is a bonus IYSWIM.

Thanks for all the help! I think I'll start ADIT in 2015, give myself some time to properly prepare and bring my skills up.

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