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How do i avoid or explain what has happened

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scaredandpanicking Thu 07-Nov-13 21:32:11

Thanks for the replies.

Yes - an agreed reference will be part of the agreement.


ACS1980 Thu 07-Nov-13 20:52:12

I'd suggest explaining that you wanted to achieve a better work life balance or you wanted to change career, have a new challenge etc., in all honesty I probably wouldn't mention that you left your previous employment with a settlement agreement. Whilst it would be tempting to I also wouldn't slag of or complain about the previous employer in interviews etc..

On a slightly different note is your solicitor also including an agreed reference as part of the settlement agreement?

SundaySimmons Thu 07-Nov-13 20:48:25

Just say that you returned to work after maternity leave and the job perimeters had changed and the work wasn't the same, people you had worked with for years had left, so you thought you would look for pastures new. Say you wanted different hours to meet the needs of your family and understand you are taking a drop in wages but believe a change is for the better.

Do not mention the grievance.

scaredandpanicking Thu 07-Nov-13 11:32:19

Hopefully i will very soon be looking for a new position.

I am the very wrong side of 40 and have never been unemployed before in my life.

I have worked for 2 employers, 1 for 14 years and the other for almost 15 years.

Due to my treatment on return from maternity leave and the related grievance i will soon be out of work.

I know that i cannot get a similar position where i live, and commuting will not be possible. I use to work flexibly, 4 x 8 hour days, we have nobody else to look after the children except the nursery. OH teaches so it is difficult for him to leave work early if children are ill etc.

I fully understand and accept that i will need to look for a lower level position, possibly one that involves some evening work so as to help cut childcare costs.

But how do i go about explaining all this? How do i explain why i am applying for jobs that are less than half i used to earn?

Do i admit to what happened? if i did would i look like a problem employee?

I would really appreciate some advice please


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