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refused flexible working hours

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nessaisme Tue 05-Nov-13 11:34:35

Hi im seeking bit of information I had been working for this company for 11 months but went through little stage off bullying boss nit picking at my work . Recently I have requested flexible working hours as due to hard to get childminder for the Sunday so I ask if they could let me do Mon to Fri and was refused so I seemed advice on grievence letter as they could not give me reason why . I have already had this meeting with Area manager and she has told me she don't think this is a grievence . So I ask few questions to be told cant answer that will ave to ask my manager. Shouldn't she of had meeting before my meeting with her to get her story before I attended the meeting

nextphase Tue 05-Nov-13 20:09:57

Have they (and you) followed the flexi working procedure?

Have you given reasons how not working sundays is going to affect the company / others in the team?

Doesn't sound like a grievance to me, but hopefully someone who knows what they are talking about will be along soon

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