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applying for a job that I dont satisfy the essential criteria - wwyd?

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DifferenceEngine Fri 01-Nov-13 17:37:40

I work in local govt.

If it is an essential criteria, then you will need it or they just won't be able to offer you an interview. In your position I would assert on the form that your finance qualifications give you an equivalent knowledge of the subject.

I got a job in local government in a similar way. Without outing myself, I'll change details: One of The essential criteria was an ONC in computing I had a degree in applied mathematics plus lots of relevant experience . So on my application form in the personal statement I put ' I don't have ONC computing but my degree gives me the theoretical background and my experience shows I can do the job'

I got the job, got promoted and over the last few years they have paid for me to do a HND, and im part way through a relevant MSc. pay is lower than my private sector job, but the training is awesome!

In your boat I'd deffo start the maths course and look to get the GCSE if local govt is what you want. We are good but a bit ahem.... Inflexible at times.

LIZS Fri 01-Nov-13 17:21:38

posts crossed - what level is your qualification for banking ?

LIZS Fri 01-Nov-13 17:20:18

look into a level 2 Certificate for the maths , your local FE college may offer a short IT based course you can do largely from home. At least if you say you are working towards one it might help tick that box.

threeisthebest Fri 01-Nov-13 17:16:00

Bound, the closing date for the job is in 2 weeks. I don't have time to take the Maths GCSE before then. I don't suppose I have an equivalent qualification but I think the qualifications that I do have (and I have the certificates to prove if they ask for them) show that I can do the job. Its only an admin job, and its similar to what I'm doing at the moment, but I'm currently in the private sector.

StealthPolarBear Fri 01-Nov-13 17:11:53

So I suspect your banking qualification is the equivalent of a gcse in maths, surely? Did it have any prerequisites that you worked round at the time?

threeisthebest Fri 01-Nov-13 17:10:18

Thanks Stealth.

My qualifications are in banking & debt management.

BoundandRebound Fri 01-Nov-13 17:10:08

Take your gcse

Don't point it out unless you have an equivalent qualification

Maths GCSE is a basic requirement for many roles

StealthPolarBear Fri 01-Nov-13 17:08:05

Id def go for the job anyway

StealthPolarBear Fri 01-Nov-13 17:07:33

Well id say you have "or equivalent" then, in experience.
What related qualifications do you have, and do they have anything formal you could use?

threeisthebest Fri 01-Nov-13 17:05:31

The job is within local government and it has a list of essential and desirable criteria. Maths & English GCSE A-C or equiv is essential. I don't have Maths, I only got a D (and this was 25 years ago). However, I think that my work experience and further qualifications during my career prove that I can easily do the job. And, I satisfy all the other essential criteria.

If there are a large number of applicants I am worried that my application will be discounted before they even read my employment history and experience.

Would you bring it up in the covering letter and point out the qualifications I have gained in the last 10 years (finance related). Also, I am willing to go to college to get my GCSE Maths if needed, in fact, I might just do it anyway.

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