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Accepting a job offer-need some advice

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Twirlbitesruinedmylife Sat 09-Nov-13 19:03:23

Wondered how it went ethlinn ...? Hope it is all sorted.

ethlinn Fri 01-Nov-13 21:31:48

Bookish, they're checking every single thing on my cv going back 10 years! I could not believe it myself. And I really don't know why it even matters but they're insisting they absolutely need to have everything in past 10 years checked. It so happens that I was in that job for a few months after I had graduated so I had to mention it... Arrrrgh. Yes, it is ridiculously detailed security clearance.

bookishandblondish Fri 01-Nov-13 21:25:46

Talk to job A and explain you haven't been able to get the references and what happens now. Also that you have job B who needs a response.

I assume its security clearance or that you've only just graduated as most professional jibs wouldn't care about a part time shop job. They do pass security clearance - I know several people whose addresses were literally " pass big cactus on left and three houses up the road"

ethlinn Fri 01-Nov-13 20:45:30

Flowery, I had was interviewed for both jobs on the same day. I have been in touch with job A and they confirmed today that they are having difficulty obtaining one of the references (small shop I worked for when I was still at uni, I don't even think it still exists) which may or may not mean that they would withdraw the offer. They asked me to chase the place up and I can't-none of the numbers work.
Job B will not wait for a week. I had the second interview today and they got back in touch straight away. I told the lady from the agency that I can accept but they want me to start earlier than I have childcare arranged from which can be an issue.
I am so worried about the whole thing. I hate the idea of mucking anyone about, I'm really not that kind of person.

flowery Fri 01-Nov-13 18:13:55

If you accept two offers you'll be in breach of contract in respect of whichever job you don't take up. How much of an issue that actually is depends on several factors.

How long has it actually been that you've been waiting for job A? How long did you give it before assuming there was a problem and starting to look elsewhere?

Did you keep in touch with job A throughout and ask whether there were any problems/ how long it should take? Do you have any reason to think there is a problem with one of the checks?

If you accept job B then let them down in a week, the likelihood of them taking any action against you is very slim indeed, so if you don't think they'll wait a week for an answer you could accept and then let them down in a week.

Your main risk really is reputational rather than financial, so if you might want to work for job B in the future, I'd think twice before mucking them about.

ethlinn Fri 01-Nov-13 14:53:34

Thanks, I've been thinking the same. OH is making me paranoid about it being illegal since I've already signed and accepted conditional offer from A. That's really my main concern.

Hegsy Fri 01-Nov-13 14:43:16

I'd be accepting job B just for security. Even if you started job B the point of a probationary period is to try out and see if both you and the company are happy with the position so if you take job B, then A come back and offer you a start date there is nothing to stop you going to them

ethlinn Fri 01-Nov-13 14:40:35

Hello, I need some advice regarding legal aspects of accepting a job offer. Ages ago I applied for a job with company A, it is my dream job for all sorts of reasons. Got a conditional offer, which I signed and sent back. They are taking ages with all security checks and I have been applying for jobs in the meantime thinking that maybe something is wrong with my credit check etc. And I have just been offered another job at company B. I have no idea what to do. I have been told by company A that they need another week (!!!) to finish their checks. I want job A but if I don't get it, B is second best. Is that in any way illegal to accept job B if I signed conditional offer with company A? I know it is just horrible to accept job B and then just turn around and say "no thanks" should I get job A, but how does the legal side of things look? Job B is through an agency, not sure if it matters. I'd appreciate any advice.

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