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Agh! Stroppy in front of client!

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Willthisworknow Sat 26-Oct-13 21:43:00

Friday afternoon, explained a process to my colleague TWICE who is same level as me (well newly promoted to my level). Tbh just the same process as it would be for any client. Loads of people going on hol, dumping work on me left, right and centre. Didn't realise a client was on a call. Colleague asked me to explain the process and another dept was trying to get us to do their job for them (we've just had a round of redundancies due to not making money). So,while I was professional, my tone made it clear I was being asked to do another depts job but DOH, thought it was an INTERNAL call! I'm not usually so,stroppy but had had enough. Crapping myself for next week as I probably came across as unhelpful and stroppy! Hope client and colleagues don't complain! HELP! Am wanting promotion but were top heavy and have been asked to be 'patient' even tho my manager reckons am operating at a more senior level. We have a couple of idiots who are at the level I want to be on and it's frustrating! And yet am at thesame level now to someone who can't speak up for themselves during TEleconferences and hence why I got in this mess in the first place! I have an interview in two weeks but don't really want to leave where I am as I WFH full time and have good flexibility!

ThisIsMummyPig Sun 27-Oct-13 00:13:43

Due to being human, we all have bad days. Most people understand that. Unless you were actually rude, they are unlikely to complain. If they do, then apologise gracefully to the client, but tell your boss exactly why.

You have just reminded me to send an e-mail thanking someone for good service though!

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