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Just had my last statutory maternity pay when will I get paid my holiday?

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MJP1 Sat 26-Oct-13 20:16:11

I have just had my last smp and I am wondering when I will be paid my holiday pay? I left to go on maternity leave the week before Christmas and our holiday year runs January 2013 to January. 2014
The company is very small and they are being abit quiet, I have contacted them to remind them about my holiday pay but they have not got back to me.
I have been told by a friend that they will be waiting until I tell them if I am returning to work and then therefore as I am not ( I am training to be a childminder) I should wait until I my years maternity leave is nearly up and therefore giving them my notice of 4 weeks. So that would make it say November when I tell them would I get my holiday pay then?

Sorry it's a ramble I am worried as I have got nothing in writing and not even a real contract as the business was taken over last year and as we the staff came with the business they said they couldn't give us new contracts.

Any one who can me ? Thank you

flowery Sat 26-Oct-13 21:19:31

If you are still employed you don't get holiday pay, you have to be at work and actually take the holiday.

If you are leaving work and are unable to take it before you go they will pay it out to you with your final salary payment.

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