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RM0104 Thu 24-Oct-13 18:22:58

Thanks so much for your reply.

I have been calling the director every morning to let him know how i am, he doesnt say much, just "ok well, hopefully see you tomorrow!"

I dont know the policy on sickness, its a small-medium firm. 2 directors, 40 ish employees.

Yes, it is just because im so new that im panicking, i dont want them to think i am a skiver, or taking the piss. Dreading going back on Monday sad

BrownSauceSandwich Thu 24-Oct-13 18:13:32

No, you can't lose your job over it, and they probably wouldn't thank you for going in, sharing it around, and achieving nothing useful for your pains! Companies expect and budget for normal, genuine sick leave. I know you're worried because you're new, but it doesn't really make any meaningful difference.

Do you know what the sick policy is? Have you called in sick? If I were you, I'd call my line manager tomorrow morning, check whether there's anything you ought to know about, let them know you hope to be fine on Monday, then go back to bed and REST!

RM0104 Thu 24-Oct-13 16:48:21

I started a new job in July and 1 day off in Sept as my DD was ill. 2 weeks ago exactly i started feeling ill, sore throat etc didnt sleep at all the thursday night so called in sick on the friday. I went back on the monday, havnt been 100% well but not too bad.

On Monday just gone i felt awful all day, sore throat, bones, temperature etc however i stayed in work all day, on the train home i could barely get a breathe as my throat felt like it was closing, I went to docs on tues and he prescribed antibiotics, throat spray and nasal spray. Says i have tonsilitus and flu.

I havnt been in work since, i still feel so ill, havnt eaten a thing since Sunday.

Im dreading going back on Monday as I am quite new i dont know what everyone will think, i feel terribly guilty about being off but am genuinally ill.

Could I lose my job for this?

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