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URGENT Pre-Hearing Review - Employment Tribunal - advice/experience please

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AAP5209 Sun 20-Oct-13 15:03:11

Earlier this year, Hi, I have lodged a claim in the ET for discrimination. My solicitors and I have also included issues, which we know are time barred, but clearly demonstrate a pattern of bring difficult..
Employer declined flexible working request twice without careful consideration. I won the request on one occasion after seeking legal advice.

Ever since manager has been very difficult, micro managing, raising unfounded performance issues and basically making my life miserable.

I have a child with a disability and I need to take him to therapy sessions.
I am still employed despite having lodged the claim as I need the income to support my child.

At the case management hearing, the judge ordered a pre-hearing review which is due to take place on Tuesday at the ET. The judge had asked that I fully particularised my claim, which has been done and lodged at court. My responded has not made any representation since then; I know they don't have to.

I will be attending the PHR on Tuesday and give evidence, if so required to support my claim.
Has anyone been to a Pre Hearing Review at the Employment Tribunal - please advise, give tips and share experience, much appreciated. Thanks

hermioneweasley Sun 20-Oct-13 18:27:14

PHRs are usually a couple of hours and purpose is to decide on issues and award deposits if the case has little or no reasonable prospect of success.

It is just a judge by him/herself.

What other questions do you have?

honestpointofview Sun 20-Oct-13 19:42:14

What is the PHR covering (or preliminary hearings as they are now called)?

AAP5209 Mon 21-Oct-13 16:10:51

Thanks for reply - PHR requested by Judge as some issues are time barred but nevertheless included to show pattern of behaviour by manager.
Anyway employer has conceded main issue of the claim.

Judge had asked to particularise claim further which I did. The hearing is listed all day..not couple of hours.

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