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Practice Nursing - sign off mentor

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shouldbeelswhere Sun 20-Oct-13 11:33:12

I'm looking to return to nursing (lapsed registration) and thought practice nursing might be the way to go as I need to work locally and part-time. I had a uni place and placement agreed but no sign off mentor which meant the plan fell apart. Any thoughts, ideas? Hoping to get it together for January. This entails working on a voluntary basis and paying for the course myself...even if I ever find a sign off mentor do I stand a realistic chance of even finding work afterwards???

lateSeptember1964 Mon 21-Oct-13 17:35:53

Just finished my Rtp in June and about to start work again. I think you will struggle to get a Practice Nurse placement as they have very few sign off mentors. My advice would be just to take a placement anywhere you can get it. Look at the short-term and just get the course done. I have since applied for Practice Nurse posts with no luck at all. There seems to be an awful big pool of nurses for them to choose from. I think one of the girls on the original thread did get aPractice nurse post but worked in a volunteer capacity to start with. I don't know how to link but the original thread is still around " any nurses out there". Just seize the first opportunity of a placement and get it done.

shouldbeelswhere Wed 23-Oct-13 10:10:53

thank you lateSept

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