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Am I throwing away a good thing?

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SwimmingMom Thu 24-Oct-13 19:00:51

Working from home is a huge benefit (albeit non-financial one) when you have small children. I also wfh & find it a bit lonely tbh. I think although it's tough right now, in the long run this job will be a great thing to have. So I'd suggest you cut out your work & decide with your boss how many hours (approx) it will be (after reduction). Try & stick to that number & work no more. That will give you a balance to work with.

While no rise is making you upset, in today's economy I would think that your boss - attempting to stop you leaving by negotiating fewer hours is itself a positive!

Good luck.

claggles Sat 19-Oct-13 06:13:45

Sorry should say 'work during naps' not nursing...

claggles Sat 19-Oct-13 06:12:28

Would appreciate any advice on this... I live overseas and work from home and have done for the last 6 years. After maternity leave I went back part time and am now struggling to keep up with the work as my son is a busy toddler and has dropped second nap. I generally only work nursing naps and in evenings but my workload is such that this is now impossible. I have a v low salary as overseas company and reflective of local wages which was ok as my husband is main breadwinner, anyway means I can't get nanny as would be then no point in working. Now we have a situation where I have told my boss I require a pay rise to cover child care (never had a pay rise in 6 years) or I need to resign. Boss said he will reduce my workload further but can't increase salary. I know workload will probably remain the same so am very tempted to resign but am also disappointed that I am not valued enough for a pay rise, but am also scared am throwing away a great opportunity of being able to work from home anywhere in the world. i would appreciate your thoughts, should I just suck it up or should I resign and enjoy being a stay at home mum? Thanks

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