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Please I need advice re: leave and new job.

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singarainbow Sat 12-Oct-13 23:07:41

I started a new job within the nhs mid August. My DP who is the stay at home mum to our three kids (10, 7, 4), suddenly became ill last week, she was unable to to do anything. I was supposed to work a night shift, so I called the designated absence line and explained the situation, they noted it as "leave for non health reasons", the following night, she was so much worse, so I did the same but spoke to the centre duty manager, and admitted I had no idea what this leave counts as. They said I can sort it out on my return. Needless to say we had no-one to call upon to have the kids overnight, we have only recently migrated back to the UK and family support is difficult. Mt DP has now been admitted to hospital, and I am panicking in case she is still not able to look after the kids, do the school run. Just to let you know I work 12 hr shifts 0630-1830, with 2 days 2 nights roster at the moment. I know I am not entitled to either carer or parental leave as I have not been there long enough, and the communication is so appalling there I have no idea who I need to speak to about this. I am happy to take it unpaid, but I don't want to risk my job.

LIZS Sun 13-Oct-13 08:48:44

Most employers will allow you time off for emergencies, probably unpaid, to sort out alternative care or compassionate leave while you dp is in hospital. I'd suggest you call your local council and ask for a list of childminders asap so you could at least do day shifts although that may be tricky for the night shifts. Are you in a probation period?

singarainbow Sun 13-Oct-13 20:48:47

yes, on probation...thanks, will contact council tomorrow.

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