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Help - not feeling confident about confidence workshop!!!

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sisterofmercy Wed 11-Sep-13 15:09:39

At its most reduced what you need is a presentation (whether you use powerpoint is up to you) which has information and theory on it and loads of exercises/ calls for their input to help people learn different skills involved in building confidence.

If you can find some generic confidence boosting exercises you could ask the attendees what situations most intimidate them and then adapt the exercises accordingly. Some people hate role play ( I do) so I wouldn't be so cruel as to make them do that.

The illustrations on this wiki are a bit annoying and not applicable to people who aren't wealthy white American males, perhaps but the advice given might give you ideas for what you could say and how to structure it??

GrendelsMum Wed 11-Sep-13 14:03:27

It seems that you've been thrown in the deep end, and it's not surprising that you're struggling.

Do you have some clear goals about what your organisation wants to achieve by running this workshop?
Do you have a clear idea of what your audience wants to get out of running the workshop?
What would be seen as success? i.e. how would you and your colleagues know that you've run a good workshop?
How are you going to measure your success?
What is it that you hate about attending courses? Can you use that experience to plan this course?
Would it be more cost-effective to get an external person in to run this workshop and for you to shadow and learn from them, with a view to running it next time?
Would it actually be more sensible to postpone the workshop, ensure that you have appropriate training, and then run it? Are there any disadvantages to that?

jobnockey Wed 11-Sep-13 12:23:59

I'm not sure this is the appropriate place to post this but tried chat and got no replies!!!

I am hoping to collective wisdom of MN can help me out a bit here. I have somehow managed to volunteer myself to run a ‘confidence building workshop’ here at work in a couple of weeks time.

WTF? I have no idea where to even begin to be honest apart from googling, which I have done, and not got much material so far.

So please, if anyone has been on one of these horrendous things recently (i reeeeally hate being an attendee at this sort of thing!), or even better, has run one before I would be eternally grateful for some ideas on activities I could do, or what to actually talk about.

I work in the voluntary sector, and the workshop will be for disabled adults. (general theme is returning to work but doesn't have to focus solely on this as some people will be there for different reasons)

Ironic thing is that I don’t actually consider myself to be a confident person in the first place!


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