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job sharing and bank holidays

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ernesttheBavarian Fri 06-Sep-13 15:29:04

Sorry if this has been done to death. Maybe I am being petty. I started working yesterday after 14 years as sahm. I am doing job share with someone, both if us doing 2.5 days a week. Looking through the calendar we got today, loads of bank holidays fall on the days she works. None at all on mine. Plus several times there is a work event which means its only a half day when she works quite a few times. Akso none at all on mime.

So is it just really lucky for her and tough for me? I asked and was told yes basically tough shit.

Djjuran Fri 06-Sep-13 15:33:22

How lucky to have found a part time job after 14 years at home. You should be feeling really lucky, especially in these times. You are joining someone on a job share and already you are complaining. If you don't like the conditions I'm sure there are lines of people queuing up for the job.

HotDogHotDogHotDiggityDog Fri 06-Sep-13 15:39:46

Djjuran Why is OP 'lucky' to be 'joining' someone on a job share after being a SAHM for 14 years?

Your post is patronising and infuriating!

Wasn't helpful either was it?

OP, I job share and I have the same kind of hours, will be interesting to know this as I've never really questioned it.

InternationalPower Fri 06-Sep-13 15:44:17

You should both get half the annual holiday entitlement for a full timer in the role, plus 8/2(?) days for bank holidays as your total annual leave. B/hols that you/she would have been scheduled to work are deducted first and the remainder is to be booked as annual leave. If she is scheduled to work more than4 bh it should be deducted from her al, but i don't think you should worry about that- just make sure you get what you are due.

Not sure if this is a legal requirement, but it's the way it worked for me and seems fair.

Rough day Djjuran?!

BackforGood Fri 06-Sep-13 15:46:19

It depends on your contract, tbh.
When I was teaching, then yes, it just works that you get more holidays if you work on a Monday, but in my current job, the BHs are just kind of added on to your AL, so you get, say 24 days AL plus 8 BHs = 3days pro rata to take as and when you want. In this job it's a disadvantage to work the Mondays as you can't work on a BH, and in effect you are taking a whole day's leave each time, even though you only work half the hours across the week.

Hoolit Fri 06-Sep-13 15:50:24

I used to job share a few years ago and I did the first part of the week. I got some bank hols added onto my leave but had to put in a day leave when a bank hol fell.
I worked 3 days so not sure what it works out at, 5 days??
So not too bad but the other person did do well as she got her share but only 1 bank hol falls on a fri so got to use them how she liked. Don't think you can do anything about events unless you think you would benefit from attending them and could ask to swap a day?
Well done on your new job though.

FortyFacedFuckers Fri 06-Sep-13 15:51:06

I agree the bank holidays should be pro rata between you both and she should take the additional days as annual leave

ernesttheBavarian Fri 06-Sep-13 16:02:58

Don't get me wrong. I am really chuffed to have been lucky enough to get a job after so long out, and in a really nice school in lovely premesis right on a big beautiful park and the 50 % that I wanted. I did wonder if I was being petty. I mean there are lots of positives. But still I will be working hard and earning my keep. As its a school I guess there's no way to divvy it up and take it out of annual leave etc.

I guess next year if we're both still job sharing I see if we can swap? Otherwise I guess I just have to accept she's got lucky.

Thanks for your quick answers. Totally new to me.

SofaKing Fri 06-Sep-13 16:05:34

To the best of my knowledge you have to be given a pro rata of the bank holidays or be paid in lieu legally even though the bank holiday is falling on a day you don't work.

However in practice I have known two women who didn't work Mondays and were not compensated or given additional holidays in their allowance who were told to suck it up or leave.

Sorry if that isn't what you wanted to hear, the training courses you can't do anything about but you could raise a grievance with HR if the other jobshare person is effectively getting more time off and training than you when you are both employed to do the same role. If you do this I would strongly suggest you wait till you have two years service and some job security as it may be seen as making trouble and jeopardise your job.

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