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Redundancy and sickness record due to high risk pregnancy

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bronte69 Thu 05-Sep-13 21:05:23

I returned to work after 4 months to my job as deputy head teacher and had 7 months 'enforced' leave due to being high risk pregnancy (my head teacher suspended me under ill health as he was so concerned that I would miscarry as it was my 8th IVF and had had multiple miscarriages- I was more than happy to work up to my due date.) Due to various reasons, my school is facing going into special measures and becoming therefore an academy. My current new head has told me that due to the fact that my husband and I are planning to go for another ivf cycle next year, it will make me the most vulnerable member of staff and I could lose my job due to my sickness record.Surely I cannot be penalised for a. Enforced leave and b.pregnancy related issues that caused absence c. Going for another baby ie pregnancy? I am now very concerned about my position. Help!
Many thanks.

BikeRunSki Thu 05-Sep-13 21:12:19

You can not be penalised for pregnancy related sickness. You can not be penalised for being pregnanant. If the school put you in sick leave as part of their risk assessment of your pregnancy, then surely that is there look out ?

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