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Unhelpful boss throughout pregnancy.

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ElephantsEye Fri 06-Sep-13 21:10:52

Sounds like he's on dodgy legal ground. Hope an expert is along shortly. This situation is not what you need on maternity leave!

bigredmummytobe Thu 05-Sep-13 12:01:51

I'd've worked in a salon for about 5 years now, I did my training there and was working there as a stylist for 3 of the years.
When I told my employer I was pregnant he told me that I was too young and he was very unsupportive.
Since then I had taken some time off sick with a doctors note for statutory sick pay which he has paid.
In the beginning of August this year I was signed off due to stress he has caused me throughout my pregnancy such as; following me when I'm off sick, trying to give me disciplinarys, not paying me minimum wage.
I am now on maternity leave as I early as I possibly could to get away from this stress and was signed off for the 4 weeks leading up to my maternity leave, my employer is now not looking to pay me my ssp (statutory sick pay) for last month due to low earnings.
Which again are his fault for not paying me minimum wage and for making it impossible for me to work for him.
Rant over... Is there anything I can possibly do??

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