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How do I stand?

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weesand Tue 03-Sep-13 21:41:15

I am on a flexible contract which means I can be asked to work between the hours of 8am and 6pm. My supervisor agreed to me working 9.30-4.00 (I only work 30hrs) but if needed this could change, childcare allowing.Up til now this has worked really well with me being flexible on most occasions but having to say no - because I have limited childcare - on the odd occasion. My supervisor is now off long term sick and last week I was asked to change my shift to one which I couldn't cover for one day due to child are issues.This caused a major argument with the senior manager who told me today that as my supervisor is off, my hours will now return to 'shifts' and I will no longer have my agreed hours. I am ok with this but would like to know how I stand when they come back to me after the rota is published and tell me I must change my shift and I cannot get childcare. I feel as if I am being punished for saying no to one day!

InTheRedCorner Tue 03-Sep-13 22:19:18

I'm sorry but I don't think there is anything you can do unless you try and meet with the new Manager and explain the Situation, give examples of how you can manage your work load without it affecting your childcare.

weesand Wed 04-Sep-13 12:55:37

Thanks, that's what I thought, although I thought there was European legislation about child care and work but can't seem to find anything.....

stowsettler Wed 04-Sep-13 15:03:01

Actually in law, depending on how long you have been working 9.30-4.00, it may be necessary for your employer to give you notice of a change to your working pattern (90 days is usual). If it's been quite a long time, then even though your contract says otherwise, the fact that you've been doing it so long means that it constitutes a significant and permanent change to your terms and conditions of employment.

They may be trying it on and hoping that you don't challenge them, or they may not know anything about this particular point of law (which I think my HR consultant advised me is fairly new) - either way, it's up to you to decide if it's worth the aggro to bring it up.

stowsettler Wed 04-Sep-13 15:03:51

flowery is far, far more knowledgable than me though so if she sees this she may say otherwise...

weesand Wed 04-Sep-13 18:46:01

Thank you stowsettler, that is very interesting 😉 I've only been doing this shift since Feb so don't think it will apply. Today, however I was shown the next 4wks Rotas and asked if they were could have knocked me over with a feather!!! 😳

weesand Wed 04-Sep-13 19:25:37

Ignore the gobildy gook random numbers etc, was tryin to do smileys etc, failed miserably, lol!

stowsettler Thu 05-Sep-13 09:51:35

February - August is 7 months. That's quite a long time in my opinion. I have staff on non-contracted T&Cs which are not suitable to the way I run the office and they have been doing them since about May. I'm going to give them notice of a change to their working pattern and enforce the changes I want to make in the new year.

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