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Potential employers mucking DH about...should he steer clear?

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imip Thu 05-Sep-13 12:25:22

This has happened to me before. I was bring strung along, had to meet this manager and that manager, it was a great job and I ignored all other offers of interviews at the time. I didn't get the job, they used an internal candidate. I think I was strung along 'just in case'. It took me quite a while to find a job after that. I was unemployed after coming back from travelling,

MrsMargoLeadbetter Thu 05-Sep-13 12:20:25

I would agree with smurai the agency might not be helping. Could the other candidate be through a different agency?

Unless the org is very skint, I am guessing if they advertised the role at between x and y, there is y in the budget. They are using an agency which suggests to me they aren't that concerned about costs.

I have recruited lots of people (been freelancing last couple of years though) and I don't think I every chose somebody based on them being cheaper! I always want the best person for the job. However, maybe the current climate has changed things.

With the economy as it is, it could be unlikely your DH will get a rise for a while at the new place. I would personally be inclined to stick to trying to gain a rise out of the move...

Good luck.

samuraispider Wed 04-Sep-13 19:50:34

Agencies are a pain in the neck. They will tell you anything to keep you on side.

If you're DH is earning the upper limit of the advertised salary I would be very surprised if they offered more.

CEO is probably very busy and not in a rush on this one. The company probably isn't communicating with the agency either. I wouldn't sign anything about the salary and would either start acting very disinterested or would tell the agency I am no longer available. Depends on how much your DH wants the job.

Oh yes, this is how it all works these days. Keep potential employees dangling on a thread. Welcome to the world of job hunting!

CowardycowardyCustard Tue 03-Sep-13 16:48:29

He has asked DH to consider the salary he is currently on...but he wants DH to put in writing that he would accept this despite him not actually even been offered the job yet??!

Sorry, meant he has asked DH to consider accepting equivalent to the salary he is currently on.

And realise that I said long story short and then rambled. smile

CowardycowardyCustard Tue 03-Sep-13 16:40:31

Forgot to add that they insisted he come back one day early from holiday (in UK) for final interview as their CEO was on Hols the week DH was free and DH was away for 10 days once he got back. Then made him wait all this bloody time for an answer that's not even a straight answer.

CowardycowardyCustard Tue 03-Sep-13 16:38:25

Long story short. He's had 3 interviews, was one of 2 candidates for the last one, has been waiting 10 days for them to get back to him. Every day his agent phones with another reason why the decision hasn't been made that day. We're told he would definitely, definately know by today.

Job advertised as being between £x and £y. Dh's salary in his current job hits the top of these two. Potential company have known that since day 1. Agent told DH he'd be trying for slightly higher bearing in mind DH losing rights to redundancy etc that he enjoys at the mo.

Agent called back today and told DH he was the preferred candidate despite the other guy having more current experience, but the other guy is asking for far less. He has asked DH to consider the salary he is currently on...but he wants DH to put in writing that he would accept this despite him not actually even been offered the job yet??!

I personally feel that DH is in a secure job right now, with good potential redundancy package. I know he is not happy in his currently role, but there are other apart from this new one out there, and that they have mucked him around royally thus far which doesn't bode we'll for his being employed by them.

Can anyone give me a dispassionate view on this situation? Is this sort of thing normal these days?

I believe that if they really want DH they should have got back to him sooner and shouldn't be trying to play him off agains the cheaper guy. The money thing wouldn't have been so much of an issue to me had they come back the first day they said they would and said YES we really want you, but we need to negotiate on salary, how about we split the difference and give you half the extra you are looking for. (About 5% above current salary)

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