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Daughter not been paid

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BlackMogul Tue 03-Sep-13 12:37:56

Any advice would be gratefully received. We do not know what to do. DD started a job at the end of June where she worked 3 or 4 nights a week in a London club (a very swanky one)in order to save up before starting university this month. She has never been paid. She was never given a contract of employment. She was promised £70 a session. Obviously, we tried to advise her to get a contract and advised her what should be on it. She gave them her bank account details for payments to be made. Last week, 8 weeks after she started, she said she could not afford to work there as transport costs were too high and the tips were not covering her costs. Still no money. She is owed well over £1000. Clearly the owners are public school wide boys, but how can she get the money she is owed? She says she is not only one in this position. She has obviously been used and abused. She was so happy to have this job and enjoyed it. What a mess!

flowery Tue 03-Sep-13 13:33:00

Ignoring the slightly bizarre comment about them "clearly being "public school wide boys" confused , what does she have in writing about when she was working and how much she was to be paid? Email? Offer letter? She was not entitled to any contract until she'd been there two months but it would be unusual to have received anything at all in writing.

TakingTheStairs Tue 03-Sep-13 17:27:58

"public school wide boys" ???? What on earth does that mean??

Is the club part of a bigger group? Most London clubs are? And they'll have an accounts department that is open during normal office hours. She might have more luck chasing from that angle than through the club mgrs. I worked in this kind of industry for years and you would quite often get better results by chasing the correct person. She should be able to deal directly with the manager but that obviously isn't working.
Even if they aren't part of a bigger group, day time is an easier time to get answers (ring their office) than evening times when they are busy.

BlackMogul Tue 03-Sep-13 22:56:14

She had nothing in writing which was of great concern to us. Nothing. She trusted them because the club is well known, extremely smart and very expensive and she believed what the management told her. She had no reason not to. The Club opening was covered in the press and the owners are the sort of people likely to be in the gossip columns. I was trying to convey in my term "public school" that they were expensively educated in keeping with their backgrounds, but that they appear to be less than legal in their employment practices , hence "wide boy". sorry if this confused everyone. I will check to see if they have other clubs and whether there is a management team in place other than the one in the actual club. The club also told her how many hours each night she was expected to work, which was fine, but then extended by two hours. This was still for the £70 per night, except that she never saw a penny of it. Can you tell me, Taking, if this sort of behaviour is normal in clubs? We feel she should just be paid for work she has done.

TakingTheStairs Thu 05-Sep-13 14:20:53

Lacks of contracts for part time staff is quite common tbh, it shouldn't be, but it is.
But not getting paid isn't usual. I'd turn up in person at quiet times to ask for my money. And by that I mean your daughter. Not her parents.

hermioneweasley Fri 06-Sep-13 14:48:13

Of course she should be paid for hours done, but this is going to be hard to prove with nothing in writing anywhere. Does she have any evidence of turning up for the job - travel expenses or anything?

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