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Arts admin/project managers?

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buttonsforbreakfast Sat 31-Aug-13 09:08:27

I'm about to go on mat leave and my current job (dead end, no contract etc) will also finish then too. I'm currently working on a website which I hope will grow and sustain me with part time work after mat leave finishes. However, I'm aware that it may not, so also want to investigate other career options. I have a strong background in the arts/theatre, but as a freelancer with practical skills rather than office based. I have run my own successful business and also done some degree level teaching. I really want to find work that will offer a bit more security/career progression/half decent wage, and without completely retraining, arts admin and/or project management doesn't seem too far beyond my remit. Would I be wise to look at short courses, find work experience, or just throw myself in there? I've found arts project management degree courses, so am I naive in thinking I can find work without direct experience? (I do hold a design based degree). Thanks - all advice welcome!

Shorty1980 Mon 02-Sep-13 22:29:40

This is what I do for a living (arts project manager). I think experience is more valuable than a qualification - my degree is in something completely unrelated - although obv it's not going to hurt to have that on your cv grin. Could you volunteer with a local arts organisation or use your experience to find employment with a theatre then persuade the outreach/projects/admin team to let you get involved in what they are doing?

I should say the arts sector has been hard hit by funding cuts, there are still jobs out there but the competition is much more fierce, particularly at entry level, but if this is what you're passionate about and you have relevant experience and skills then go for it.

Do you subscribe to the artsjobs e-newsletter? If not you can sign up via the Arts Council website (it's free) and that should give you a good indication of what jobs are out there. If I can help then PM me.

buttonsforbreakfast Tue 03-Sep-13 15:12:52

Thanks Shorty! Will PM you if that's ok! I do get artsjobs so keeping my eye on what is happening, but like you say, funding for smaller stuff seems to have been so hard hit the jobs I could have found a few years ago just don't exist any more! I've seen some great intern/volunteer opps but all aimed at younger jobseekers, not a 30 something freelancer :-(

Shorty1980 Tue 03-Sep-13 22:09:07

Hi Buttons I've PMed you back but it seems to be playing up on my iPhone, let me know if it turns up!

buttonsforbreakfast Tue 03-Sep-13 22:51:41

Found it :-)

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