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Work/Interview dilemma

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WorryWarm Thu 29-Aug-13 13:46:31

Have NC, as write on here often so please bear with me.

Work is extremely unstable, have a temperamental CEO, weak SMT and otherwise the atmosphere is rather horrible. Have been looking for a new role for a short while. I have been in the org for less than 2 years.

I'll be brief but not wanting to drip feed -

Got contacted by an attractive organisation to come to a last minute assessment half-day next week. On same day have meeting with a supplier that I have just found out the CEO is also attending. I was going to find an excuse to be late that day as going to the interview would mean missing the meeting. I have a good, childcare related excuse.

I am now getting cold feet, thinking that perhaps missing this meeting would "mark" me out. It is a far from ideal situation and not something I would normally do but it is so unstable here that it feels like we could be sent packing any day (team is all new-ish staff). On the other hand, this could be a really good opportunity and if I miss this interview and end up losing my job, I'll regret not attending. On the other other hand, what if I lose my job over this (can they do it?) and not get the new role...

To add to my worries, I have recently found out I'm PG but work don't know yet.

This is eating me up...

xJadex Thu 29-Aug-13 15:59:55

Hi Worrywarm, Its sounds as though you are in a real dilemma! personally I would go to the interview - you dont seem to enjoy your current role. A company cannot sack you due to you missing a meeting due to "childcare". you said yourself this sounds like a good opportunity and you may as well try! to confirm an employer cannot sack you for not attending a meeting! plus when you say lose my job - why would you lose your job? do you mean redundancy? if so you are best to tell your current employer you are PG you have more employment rights this way and if they do make you redundant they still legally have to pay you statutory maternity pay.. I wouldn't on the other hand tell the other company (the one you are attending interview for) that you are PG because even though employers should not discriminate against pregnant woman they still do! so just be careful of this.. once they have employed you there isnt really anything they can do about it. I know this is cheeky but sometimes needs must! let me know how you get on...

tribpot Thu 29-Aug-13 16:10:56

I would go for the interview, provided you're not going to be dropping other people in it with this supplier meeting.

For preference I would not use a childcare related excuse because it's the sort of thing that just reinforces prejudices against working parents but ho hum, if you have to you have to. It sounds like it will mark your card permanently with the CEO, so you have to weight up what that would mean if you don't get the job.

I do hope you do get the job though, as your current place sounds godawful.

WorryWarm Thu 29-Aug-13 16:31:15

Thanks both. Yes, this place is totally hateful. Worst career move ever.

xJadex lose my job could literally mean anything here. It could be redundancy, it could also be fired for whatever reason (even easier since I've been here less than 2 years!). I am going to tell them as soon as I can although I'm sure that'll go down well, ha!

I was only going to mention the PG to the new company if and when they offer me the position.

tribpot completely agree and normally I would not use that as an excuse but as it is last minute and the meeting has already been set I e not really got many other options. FWIW I was going to say my child is sick, husband away and can only arrange alternative childcare from lunchtime. At least I am seen to be making an effort to get in even if I do miss the meeting. It might mark my card with the CEO but at least I will only be here for a few more months at the most and by then will be protected, to a degree, by the PG...

xJadex Thu 29-Aug-13 16:40:20

You have been at your company less than 2 years which means you do not have employment rights BUT your employer cannot just sack you! they still would need a justifiable reason - not attending a meeting is not a justifiable reason! go to the interview - I know I would... I would also tell your current employer about the PG, I know it wont go down well but if they do sack you and you have just told them your PG you can take them to tribunal for discrimination you would be looking at thousands in compansation costs if you win.. one thing that scares employers (I know I work in HR) is pregnant woman they are the most protected employees.

flowery Thu 29-Aug-13 17:05:38

"You have been at your company less than 2 years which means you do not have employment rights BUT your employer cannot just sack you! they still would need a justifiable reason - not attending a meeting is not a justifiable reason!"

[Hmm] Quite sure you work in HR xJadex...?

The whole point of not being able to claim unfair dismissal for the first two years is that the employer doesn't have to have a justifiable reason! In fact they don't have to give any reason at all. As long as the dismissal isn't for one of a list of exceptions (including pregnancy), whether anyone thinks its "justifiable" or not is completely irrelevant. They could dismiss someone because they wore a green jumper and the manager doesn't like green if they want.

Having clarified that, OP I would definitely go to the interview in your shoes. Best of luck, sounds horrendous where you are.

flowery Thu 29-Aug-13 17:06:15

Sorry should be hmm

WorryWarm Fri 30-Aug-13 10:08:29

Thanks all. Really appreciate your comments, helps focus on what's important - me!

JessieMcJessie Mon 02-Sep-13 15:48:12

Why do you need a childcare excuse- can't you just take the whole day off "sick"? Seems a bit like tempting fate to invent an illness for a child.

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