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Flexible working application/policy

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MB34 Mon 26-Aug-13 09:36:22

I'm due to return from ML in October and want to change from FT to PT.

Two weeks ago text my manager to ask if we could have a meeting to discuss my options and changes that have been made in branch.
I wanted this meeting to discuss, what days he would want me to work, when to take my annual leave and issues that I had upon leaving (which he knew about). Since I have been off there has also been an investigation within the branch which, as far as I'm aware, has brought to the attention of senior management some of the issues that I had, so I want to know if/how they've been resolved.

Anyway, next thing, I receive a letter from HR inviting me to a meeting tomorrow to discuss my flexible working application (I've not submitted it yet!). I've spoken to HR and they said to bring the completed form and other options I may have and I could have half hour with just my manager after the meeting to discuss anything else.

Thinking about it, I want to know about annual leave/days/issues before I make a decision about what I want to reduce my hours to, plus the policy says that before submitting an application, it's good practice to have an informal meeting with your manager.

I'm uncertain as to what to do next. I'm meeting my union rep before the meeting so will ask her but I really want my questions answered before I make any decisions! WWYD?

BlackMogul Mon 26-Aug-13 23:14:26

As far as I am aware you do not have a right to reduce your hours so you must negotiate. They do not have to give you an identical job either. I am surprised you have involved a union rep at this early stage. I went back to work part time, but it was a different job but on the same pay scale, so no loss of status. I would see what they say at the HR meeting. They will be able to explain what they can offer. You are altering your terms of employment by requesting part time so they have to agree to your request. A good employer will agree but I believe you only have the right to ask, not an absolute right that they must adhere to. HR should be able to explain hours, leave etc if they make you an offer.

MrsMargoLeadbetter Tue 27-Aug-13 07:23:42

As Black says you can request a change but they don't have to agree.

I can see it would have been a surprise to receive the letter from HR when you had already contacted your manager.

HR could be leading as they want to be sure discussions are carried out correctly and you are treated fairly etc. It sounds like a big company, if so they have a duty to ensure consistency across branches which could be easier if they do it rather than managers.

If you aren't ready to give them the paperwork attend the meeting and discuss the options?

Good luck.

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